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My Ozark Homestead Underground Shelter

Surviving The Coming Storm with a Community of Like Minded People

Underground Shelter Key Points

Although our shelter design has been engineered to withstand being buried over 400 FEET UNDERGROUND, what makes it even stronger is in the components.

* Location is remote and hard to navigate -

This alone will ensure you are free to enjoy life well after most other shelters are rushing members in before the door closes.

* Strength in Numbers -

Knowing you are among several like minded people. 247 guard duty is impossible in small numbers. And hiding forever is not an option when you have a family.

* Flexibility -

Our shelter system is modular and expandable. This allows us to start your build the day you become a member. No more paying and waiting for the last member to join. You pay - you're protected!

* When it comes to the sheer strength of the shelter itself, every individual module is designed to withstand a Russian T-14 Armata battle tank, with an M1 Abrams Tank on it! No other shelter design we know of at this price is this strong.

All of our members will enjoy levels of amenities only found in much more expensive shelters. Here is only a partial list of what our fully stocked shelters offer Every MyOzarkHomestead member. We know most of you will want to focus on the shelter and it's details. That's why we have put so much effort into their design and contents. There isn't a match available for even twice the price. Because of our location, there would only be a few situations you would ever need them. The closest large town would be a weeks walk, if they could even find it. MyOzarkHomestead members will live life under blue skies long after other shelters have locked the door. If we need to lock our doors, God Help Us.

Below is a list of the amenities all members will enjoy and share

* 1 Year or more of stocked food

* Medical Supplies

* Concierge Medical Care

* Redundant Power System

* Individual Beds - no hot bunk

* Full Kitchens - supplied

* Hygiene (soap, tp, lye, etc.)

* Private toilets & showers

* Defensive Items

* Security System

* Large Common Areas

* Tools & Hardware

* Entertainment System

* Private or Group Apartments

* Comfortable Seating

* Large LCD TV's

* DVD & BlueRay Players

* Stereo & MP3 Players

* Personal Storage Areas

* HVAC Systems with o2 scrubbers

* Fans Fans Fans!

* Athletic and Exercise Equipment

* Entertainment Items

* Hand-Crank Radios & Flashlights

* Candles, Matches, Lighters, etc.

​* Over 100 more emergency items

My Ozark Homestead Underground Shelter Overview