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Floor Plans and Platt of the Homestead

All members may choose from either a 60' x 90' lot for $4,500 or a 90'x90' lot for $6,000. Floor plans can be added to and improved upon with the prior approval pf the Homestead owner .  Members housing will allow a family or group to occupy a single home-site if desired in an effort to keep overall costs to a minimum. At the discretion of the Homestead Leader and Director of Construction you may build bigger units as time and materials permit but initial review of existing plans should be considered first.

All structures  have traditional electricity, well water, plumbing, and septic included in the price listed on the floor plan below. Additional improvement such as solar electricity, land line telephone, internet, and satellite tv are all available at an additional charge monthly. Essentially you may recreate the comforts of your suburban homestead but you are encouraged to spend more time outside and building community among your neighbors.

Below are the images of our most popular plans on the Homestead for families. Minimum cabin size is 16x 24 and that is sufficient for 2 adults and 2 small children. Wood burning stove, refrigerator, washer/dryer and cooking stove are optional and are added costs. No furniture is included.

Plans can be changed for an additional fee. Structure size must remain the same. Custom builds will be entertained on a case by cases but must be in alignment with stated homestead goals.



16 ft x 24 ft - 384 Sq Ft - $19,200

24 Ft x 24 Ft - 576 Sqft -$28,800

24 Ft x 32 Ft - 768 Sqft - $38,400

24ft x 40ft - 960 sqft - $48,000