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Why did the Homestead get started?Because one person can't do everything necessary to survive on their own 168 hours a week.
Why is there a background check?To ensure that we are building a safe community for all those involved.
Is this like a normal subdivision?Yes. It is a subdivision that is attached to a Farm.
Do I own my lot?Yes
Do I have to work the farm?No. The work on the farm is similar to a co-op. You get out what you put in.
Why are there memberships?To allow the community to be built by Believers and like-minded people.
Can I build with my own contractors?No
How can you build so inexpensively?Because we use production crews that build the same things over and over we can save money in the process.
Is there a Home Owners Association (HOA)?Yes. A very minimal one to ensure the community runs smoothly with the least amount of rules.
Are the members like me?Yes, from the blue collar single mother to the rocket scientist our members are as American as apple pie and just like you. Everyone was called here from somewhere else, some with more and some with less.
Is this like a commune?No
Can I resell my home and lot?Yes. Those who buy must go through the membership process to qualify to purchase.
Can you live or use campers on lot?No, but you can park one in your driveway.
Does everyone have to attend church together?No
Who is responsible for the success of community?Each and every member gets out what they put in.
Can I bring my own preps?Yes
What are your security measures?Not publicly divulged.
Can I store things on the property until I move In?No. There are storage units in town nearby. You can temporarily park moving trucks during move in process.
Is this a custom build job?No. Although there are options to do custom build plans.
What is the best way to describe MyOzarkHomestead?A subdivision of like-minded believers attached to a farm allowing people to live the way God intended.
Can I finance the home with traditional lending?No. Because we build only for members traditional financing does not apply
Why is the approach to MyOzarkHomestead different than other regular subdivisions?Everyone who participates has a background check to ensure we are forming a safe community who respect all their neighbors in the entire subdivision.
What should I expect as a member of the community?The opportunity to build a strong community that fells like the old time stories we remember hearing about communities from the past.
When will the leadership be available and focused on community activities?After the homes are built we will focus on the farming and then the recreational aspects
What restrictions are there during the build and development process?All visits and any work must be coordinated in advance until occupancy is officially declared.
Can I build whatever I want on my property?No. All plans must be approved in advance
What animals can I have or bring with me?Any house pets and yard pets as long as they are not potential harmful breeds or size. All live stock must be approved in advance.
Can I hunt with Guns and Bows in the commons areas?No. All hunting must be controlled for the safety of all members. The opportunity to hunt is available all throughout the area.
How do I get approval to build in the Commons area?Plans and ideas must be approved in advance. All construction must be handled through the homestead to ensure quality throughout homestead.
How do I get approval to build on my lot?Small sheds and yard items are not required approval but large builds should be run by homestead.
Why is this different than a business to customer relationship?Because we all will be neighbors and part of the community going forward living through and solving challenges together.
How is this entire concept possible?Unlike many ideas this one became possible when the Harness family decided to share what they had with those that could not afford to do it all on their own.
Will this be the only community like this one?God willing we will continue to build Christian communities for the Kingdom as long as there is a need.
How can I help with my lot and build project?All work must be coordinated through the homestead.
How can I help with the construction team?If you have building experience you can possibly apply for work with the General Contractor if the opening and work is available.
How can I help with the gardening?Coordinate with the homestead and there is lots of gardening work that can be done.
How can I help with the livestock?Coordinate with the homestead and we can assign areas that fits your skill sets.
Can I stay the night on the property while house is being built?No
Can I bring guests who are not members?Yes only if they are approved in advance
Where do I send my mail?Use a PO box at the local post office until the mail boxes are put into the developments.
Why is it hard to get a quick call back?With every 100 members if each ask 1 question a day we are getting 100 questions to answer every day. We ask patience and we will get back to everyone as soon as possible.
Why this approach to a community versus another?With this approach for a modest price people can attain total freedom and peace of mind.
Who is the right kind of person to check this out?Those who are tired of what the modern day society is calling a community.
Who is not the kind of person we want to inquire?Those who are not interested in sustainable living in a like-minded community.
Is there any peer pressures to think or act a certain way?No.
Are you forced to do work in way?No
Will you be expected to make financial donations or commitments to the homestead?No. After your membership and build the only fee is a small monthly association fee to handle sewer, water, plowing roads, mowing lawn and a cord of wood each season.
Why a bunker?To be prepared for severe weather and emergencies is always a smart idea and is even encouraged by the government. https://www.fema.gov/pdf/areyouready/areyouready_full.pdf
When will bunker be completed?Before Phase 2 is finished
When will greenhouses be ready?Before Phase 2 is finished
When will Phase I be completed?By the end of summer 2017
When is Phase II starting?By the middle of summer 2017
When or how do I coordinate my move in date?Once your contract has been started the build team will keep you informed so we can plan the move in dates.
Where do I submit any questions not on this list?At info@myozarkhomestead.com