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What The Homestead Has to Offer

Building a Sustainable Community of Believers

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Planned Sustainability

Here at MyOzarkHomestead, we are building a completely self-sustaining micro town. A community of believers working together to live a life designed by God for His Remnant People.

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Greenhouse and Livestock

All members of the community will have the opportunity to purchase shares of both the Greenhouse production and livestock production to ensure a healthy diet outside of local grocers.

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Below Ground Bunker

While other families are in a panic to shut the door, you will rest assured in the security of a large group, equally well provided for, and professionally trained.

Putting it All Together

Building An Affordable and Sustainable Lifestyle

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Affordable Land and Housing

Many of us live in a home on a lot 60'x90'. We have front and back yard, decks, porches, and a garden. Every home-site has as much yard as you have in the suburbs.

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Food and Water

Every Membership includes 1 year supply of food and seeds along with Greenhouse and Livestock shares to ensure survival pre and post event scenarios.

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Community of Believers

People from all over the world are hearing the Call to be part of this great venture. There are many parts of the body coming together to build a Remnant Community.

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What Do You Believe

Do you have an aching in your heart that you can't explain? Perhaps it is God calling to be part of something bigger than yourself. Visit the Homestead to discover what it is you are looking for.